Putting the FUN in Fundraising!

We understand that a $100 donation is out of reach for some parents and we don’t ever want anyone to feel like they cannot participate alongside of us. We are going to share a couple of ways some of our community has been successful in asking friends and family for money. First up – Eileen and Nate Nordmeyer!

Last year we knew that we wanted to help raise money for the #werun22q Ragnar race, but wanted to come up with a creative idea that would attract the attention of our family and friends.  Their love and support for Nate is amazing, so we decided to get him (and his sister) involved!  We created incentives for each monetary level of donation that provided a “reward” from the kids playing to their area of interest and strength. Together we came up with the following structure: 
“For a donation of $10-$19, Nate will walk 22 steps on his stilts and send you a video of this impressive skill, $20-29 Nate will send you an inspirational message for 3 days with a different emoji each day, $30-$39 Claire and Nate will draw a personalized animal “Thank you” picture. One of a kind!,  $40+ Nate will give you a shout out as he shows off his American Ninja Warrior skills! Prepare to be amazed as you watch a video of his unbelievable skills.” 
We even promised to let Nate dye his hair blue if we met our fundraising goal of $500.  Amazingly, we almost tripled that goal.  Our family and friends were excited to receive their bonus for donating.  It was fun and easy and something you could definitely do with your own family.