Running in these uncertain times…

First and foremost, we want to send our ❤ to all of you! We know that many in our community are anxious about Covid-19 and we will continue to provide factual information here to help ease fears as best we can. A big, heartfelt thank you to all of the first responders and healthcare workers who are working hard to care for people all over this world! (Our team is made up of several healthcare workers who are on the front lines and teachers who are doing their best to maintain calm and learning for our kids, and we are grateful for their work!)

As of right now, Ragnar plans to continue with events planned for May but the situation remains very fluid and our race is one big question mark considering the CDC’s recommendations to continue social distancing for 8 weeks. If Ragnar Cape Cod is cancelled, we are already making contingency plans! Your #werun22q runners are committed to seeing this thing through!

It feels very socially irresponsible to continue with fundraising measures at this time, while families are unsure if they will have enough money to pay for essentials during this period of uncertainty. To that end, we would like to extend the opportunity for mileage sponsorship and open 250 miles for you to claim. We only ask one thing in return: when things calm down and your family is safe and secure, that you contribute to our fund. No minimum. Just donate what you are able, when you are able.

I will personally reach out to those of you who have donated thus far to thank you and find an appropriate way to commemorate your gift to the #werun22q Innovation Fund.

Make sure you visit and fill out the form at the bottom of the page for your loved one to be recognized!