Running Team

It is with GREAT pleasure and pride that we get to introduce our 2020 #werun22q team! Teams actually! We still cannot believe that we are lucky enough to have 24 runners who want to help accomplish our mission of running, raising awareness, and helping the UC Davis MIND Institute!

Our returning veterans:

  • Katie C (DC, TN, Chicago, Great Midwest)
  • Kate W (DC, TN, Chicago, Great Midwest)
  • Eric Z (DC, TN, Chicago, Great Midwest)
  • Tari R (TN, Chicago, Great Midwest)
  • John S (DC, TN, Chicago)
  • Jen S (TN, Chicago, Great Midwest)
  • Sean C (TN, Great Midwest)
  • Kari G (DC, TN)
  • Jamie B (Great Midwest)
  • Angela B (Great Midwest)
  • Amanda F (Great Midwest)
  • Lena H (Chicago)

Our new teammates!

  • Helena B
  • Riley B
  • Mary C
  • Crista G
  • Jenna M
  • Erin N
  • Janet S
  • Jill T
  • Paul T
  • Michael W
  • Emily W

In the coming weeks, you will get to know these men and women, their stories, and WHY they #werun22q! We think they are pretty great – we know you will too!