Previous Teams

Smiling at the finish line after completing 206 cold, wet miles from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC – October 1, 2015
Christy Chambless, Ben Chambless, Andy Wagner (driver), John Serban, Eric Ziegelbauer, Courtney Cahill, Jocelyn Reynolds, Laura Casey, Ashley Bourg, Kari Clancy, Kate Wagner, Katie Chiet, Margie Watkins
Ragnar Tennessee 2017 – Chattanooga to Nashville
Ryan Garcia (driver), Domenique Stevems, Jen Stevens, Kari Clancy, Sean Clancy, Jacob Dillistin, Eric Ziegelbauer, Kate Wagner, Brian Goad (driver), John Serban, Katie Chiet, Kristen Rather, Tari Rangel, Laura Casey
The 2018 team just before setting off on an adventure of 198-or-so miles from Chicago, IL to Madison, WI – Ragnar Chicago
Laura Botelho, Eleisha Veinotte (driver), Lena Hart, Tiffani DeMayo, Garrett Miller, Ruben Rangel, Eric Ziegelbauer, John Serban, Ashley Bourg, Tari Rangel, Katie Chiet, Kate Wagner, Jen Stevens